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We’ve just sent out our Spring Chalice Lighter Call to some 1300 folks. To see how it would work, I’ve just used an outside service in Evanston, IL that provides work for disabled folks, to stuff, seal, post and mail the letters. And it worked very well indeed. They couldn’t be friendlier, more helpful or more professional, and they got it done in just two days, whereas it would have taken two of us working about four half-days apiece to do it in-house.

But what of costs? Well, I’ve just gotten their bill. It was about $500 for the postage, and about $225 for the work. However, let’s put that in perspective: If we did it in-house, it would cost an average of $15 for 32 person-hours of work, totaling $480 for personnel time, plus $546 in postage stamps. The total cost to do a full Chalice Lighter mailing in-house would be $1,026.






$    546

$  500

$     46




$   255


$ 1,026

$  725

$   301

That’s a savings of $301, or a full 30% less than the in-house cost! Not to mention the intangible cost of using higher-paid staff to do clerical work when they could be doing other, more effective tasks.

Peggy Boccard
District Office Manager