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We’ve discovered a couple of things in our researches on telecom:

  • Skype is great — but, if you allow it to automatically log in when you start up your computer, it will slow it to a tortoise-like crawl. You’re better off allowing your regular startup to run, then open Skype manually.
  • We finally realized that we were being more complicated about the phones than we needed to be. All we really need is an office cell phone that has “conditional forwarding.” Conditional forwarding forwards the line to another line, but only if the first line is busy. This is unlike automatic forwarding which forwards all calls to a second line, and which is all that’s available on the land line. We have our office cell phone now, and when we go fully Virtual, and Peg is out of the office, the main CMwD number of 708-236-0831 will be automatically forwarded to the new cell phone, 312-636-9724. As of July 1, this will be our new number. When necessary, the new cell phone can then be conditionally forwarded to go to Ian’s or Dori’s lines.