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A trend I'm noticing more lately is inappropriate entries showing up on congregations' Facebook pages. Some are junk ads, some are evangelistic "graffiti" on Walls and Discussion Groups. Simple moral of story for Facebook admins is: watch your page or group and delete any entries that are unrelated to the purpose of your page/group.

You can set it so that no one can post but admins. When you click "Edit Page" under the main photo on the top left, it opens up a list that includes places you can restrict who can post links or wall posts.

As a website designer/administrator, my bias, especially for non-profit organizations, is to have a dedicated website that contains no ads or comments. I realize the attraction of networking via systems like Facebook, however, and just remind you to stay vigilant. Especially since the only good filters available are your own eyes and the access settings.


#1 handy tip for living in an electronic age: pay attention