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neilThis month’s column has two purposes: (1) encourage each of our Central Midwest District Congregations to make pledges to both our District and to the UUA and inform us of them using the reply forms you have received, and (2) provide direction to resources for congregations who face financial stress.

I realize you think I’m a broken record on the first issue…at least if you’re old enough to know what the expression “broken record” is. Pledging is very important to us because it allows us to budget with some precision. Pledging should also be important to you because it is an act of faith in maintaining and building UUism beyond the borders of your church grounds. It is your promise to help all UUs. It is also your best guarantee that if and when the day comes you need assistance it will be there for you.

I believe that many congregations have already put contribution line items the cover your donations into your current Fiscal Year budget. We are asking you share them with us if you haven’t already, whether they be Fair Share or less, or for the rare yet praise-worthy congregation, more than Fair Share. Yes, these do exist!

We also know that a few congregations have intentions to donate but have not put numbers into current budgets. Nevertheless, we are asking you to share those intentions.

We also know that a few congregations cannot make a donation to both the
CMwD and the UUA, but we still need to know your plans.

Ideally, we’d like you to think of your donations to the CMwD and the UUA as one consolidated donation for the good of all, but we realize this will take some doing.

My second goal here is to give easy direction to Stewardship Resources.

Here are some excellent web sites:





Thank you for sharing and caring.

Neil Lichtman
Your CMwD APF District Rep