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Neil Lichtman, Annual Program Fund ChairAs Summer draws to a close, I imagine our Ministers, Board Presidents, Treasurers and Office Staffs preparing to tackle their in-boxes after a few months of tending to only the most pressing matters.

I suspect, based on what I've learned from conversations with Ministers, Board Presidents, Treasurers and Office Administrators, that many Annual Program Fund pledge forms are resting peacefully in various in-boxes. Now is the time to yank them out and work them through your system!

As mentioned in previous columns, pledging is an important part of our Annual Program Fund donation cycle. And, please recall, an act of pledging is not necessarily a promise to make a Fair Share Pledge as much as we hope you do. What we do ask is that you fill out the pledge form with your best prediction of what your congregation will donate this fiscal year.

The obvious reason the Annual Program Fund needs a pledge from each congregation is for budgeting. This is especially important in our shaky economic environment. We're hearing from all kinds of organizations that depend upon donations giving is down. Meanwhile, we hope that when it comes to our UUA, whose already tight budgets are focused on matters that mean so much to us, our donations remain strong. (If you think your donation is on shaky grounds because of the current economy, I have some ideas that might help. Call me at 630-913-0685.)

Filling out the pledge card, and the important conversation your congregation will likely have around that, will allow you to think deeply about this commitment. Please recall that a pledge is a promise, and your promise to support your UUA is your promise to support UUs everywhere. And your promise should act as a catalyst to all congregations to join in the act of supporting all UUs everywhere by filling out their pledge cards.

Enjoy the rest of Summer.

Neil Lichtman
Your CMwD APF Chair