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neil_lichtman.jpgThis message is a short follow-on to last month’s.  As you are probably aware, our CMwD District Staff have been keenly interested in the issue of leadership and stewardship during difficult times.  Hopefully, you’ve benefitted from some of the columns and blogs, workshops or podcasts that are available on our district website.

By now your congregation has received an e-mail survey from the CMwD requesting a very brief update on your congregation’s financial situation and your latest expectations for donating to both the UUA’s Annual Program Fund and to the District for the remainder of this Fiscal Year.

If you have not yet replied to our survey, please accept this reminder. We really need your participation. Click here for Finance Survey.

As we come into the back half of the Fiscal Year, we need to tighten up our expectations for both the APF and the District.

Nationally, the APF is running 3% behind last fiscal year.

To put this request into context, the CMwD’s contributions to date to the UUA’s APF are ten percent below last year. Some of this is due to a couple of congregations experiencing new and severe financial problems, and some of this is due to donations coming in somewhat slower than last year.

The situation for donations from our congregations directly to the CMwD are similar.

Given this data, you can see why we need to get a handle on our financial situation. Please participate in our survey so we can achieve district wide accuracy.

Thank you.

Neil Lichtman
Your CMwD APF Chair