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neil_lichtmanToo often we hear about the consequences of negative actions. We condition ourselves to think of consequences as a strictly negative word. However, the word “consequences” works both ways. Positive actions have positive consequences. For our Central Midwest District Congregations, our mutual generosity has powerful positive consequences.

We thrive on excellence in ministry. Our generosity helps directly in creating and maintaining excellence in Ministry. It does likewise for Religious Education and Lay Leadership.

We share a commitment to seven powerful principles. Great principles have great prices…prices that can be measured in commitments of our time, energy, willingness to put our beliefs on the line, and, of course, financial resources. Indeed, our generosity allows us to see our principles in action. That’s a powerful consequence of our generosity.

We have built a special community. For many of us, our congregations are deeply important to our lives. For many of us, being a Unitarian Universalist is an important part of our identity. When we are generous to our UUA, the consequence is we are generous to each other, and ultimately to ourselves.

As we enter the last few months of this Fiscal Year, we ask you to think about the positive consequences of your generosity as your congregations make their final decisions about donations to both our UUA and Central Midwest District.

In closing, I hope to see you at

District Assembly in Wheeling IL on April 30 - May 2.

Neil Lichtman
Your CMwD APF Rep