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neil_lichtman.jpgBefore getting into the meat of my message this month, once again I’d like to draw your attention to the e-mail survey from your CMwD requesting a very brief update on your congregation’s financial situation and latest expectations for donating to both the UUA’s Annual Program Fund and to the District for the remainder of this Fiscal Year. If you have not yet responded, please Click here for the Finance Survey.

As you well know, donating to the APF and District are just two line-items in your budgets. Your financial concerns likely encompass a host of issues if not your entire budget in good times not to speak of our current less-than-good time.

Just in case you would like some perspective and help of stewardship, I have easy access electronic copies of four documents that you may request by simply e-mailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

These presentations are good for Treasurers, Board Presidents, entire Boards, and even for those members of your congregations who would likely attend a meeting built around stewardship.

They are:

1. Laurel Amabile’s “A Great Program of Stewardship: A Holistic Approach to Stewardship for UU Congregations.”

2. Anticipating the Effects of the U.S. economy on Congregational Giving in 2008-2009

3. Giving During Tough Economic Times

4. Stewardship and Generosity Resources for Congregations

I’d be glad to e-mail you one or more of the above.

Additionally, I’d like to draw your attention to the very latest newsletter from the UUA’s Annual Program Fund (which, by the way, is in a file of all our newsletters since their inception) which can be found at www.uua.org/giving/annualprogram/51886.shtml.

And, thank you for continued support of both our UUA and our District.

Neil Lichtman
Your CMwD APF Chair