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Neil Lichtman, Annual Program Fund ChairIn my previous column, we departed from the issue of pledging and re-engaged on the issue of turning pledges and intentions into actual donations. We discussed the spirituality of giving...putting our financial resources where our hearts and minds are.

A phrase that captures the spirituality of giving is "reciprocal generosity." In one-on-one discussions across the District and our Denomination, everyone I have spoken with agrees that there should be rough equity in giving and receiving. No one has argued for either a principle of "free riders" or deep inequity between giving and receiving. Our goal now is to get the concept of reciprocal generosity embraced by all Boards and Congregations.

One way to develop congregational enthusiasm for reciprocal generosity is to lift content from our quarterly Annual Program Fund Newsletters and distribute it to your Board and congregation. You can easily access both the latest newsletter and the four previous ones in the archives here.

Each newsletter delves into issues of generosity and stewardship and recommends plenty of resources. Issues also highlight congregations that have made great forward strides. The latest issue has, in particular, a wonderful article about our own CMwD congregation Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Appleton, Wisconsin. You'll enjoy reading it.

I look forward to our Central Midwest District becoming a leader in reciprocal generosity. May I offer a thank you to all our congregations for your support.

Neil Lichtman
Your CMwD APF Chair