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neilHere are some important thoughts for us from Rev. Naomi King, Minister, The River of Grass UU Congregation, Plantation, Florida, and UU Ministers Association Liaison to the APF Committee. (Adapted for general use by Laurel Amabile, Director, Annual Program Fund.)


10.  You teach your congregation that we truly are called together as one association of
congregations and that our greatest strength is not individual but communal.  Together,
we overcome fear, alienation, and loneliness, creating a better today and a more hopeful

9.  You encourage generosity by modeling generosity.

8.  You connect your congregation to great stories of our Unitarian Universalist living faith
all around the world.

7.  Your congregation’s “fair share” gift models individual right relationship in expending
our individual resources.

6.  You strengthen the connection between your congregation and our family of associated
congregations – our Unitarian Universalist Association

5.  When people see what our Unitarian Universalist faith is doing through their giving
around the world, it encourages and develops heir stewardship and their sense of making
a difference.

4.  You are having the greatest effect on our home mission in planning new congregations,
strengthening existing congregations and reaching people with the good news of
Unitarian Universalism.

3.  When you give at the “fair share” level to our Association, you model your congregation
living our values of interdependence, mutuality, cooperation, and hope.

2.  You strengthen the identity of your congregation as a mission- and service-focused

1. Your gifts enable your congregation to expand our living faith values of love, reason,
freedom and justice – healing and transforming our world here and now.

Why contribute to APF?
Because we can be and do more together than we can be and do on our own.