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neil.jpgDear Fellow UUs:

I’ll keep my remarks for this month very short.
Simply, I hope you can attend District Assembly and while there stop by my display of our Wall of Generosity. I would like to hear from each attending congregation how you are faring financially in this difficult period.

As usual, we’ll be handing out ribbons to Fair Share and Merit congregations while thanking all congregations who have donated past or present.

As Ian Evison has written and spoken, this is a period for leadership.  In fact, historically, times like this allow congregations to develop and emerge the kind of leadership that augers well for the return of better times.

Additionally, we have 
solid resources for congregations to help in the large area of  financial stewardship and I’ll be glad to help anyone get their hands on those.

See you at DA!

Best regards,

Neil Lichtman
Your CMwD Annual Program Fund Chair