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neil_lichtmanWe’re nearing the End of the Fiscal Year

We have just May and June remaining in this Fiscal Year. For the Annual Program Fund, this is our “Push” period…the time we contact congregations that appear to us to be falling short of donating at their pledge levels. So, if our information gives us the sense that your congregation is going to fall short and hasn’t yet told us, you’re likely to hear from us.

First, we’ll send your congregation’s Minister and Board President an e-mail requesting we find a mutual time for a phone call. As a matter of each of us being in “right relationship” with each other, we reasonably expect a reply to this e-mail. For our District, much is at stake.

Those of you who were at District Assembly clearly saw what is at stake. The CMwD team has had to make some unfortunate cuts (all of our CMwD staff will be taking one week's furlough in the next fiscal year) to its budget for the upcoming Fiscal Year specifically due to the drop in donations to the UUA which lead to automatic cuts in the level of funding that comes back to the District.

When we do chat, we do want to hear what is going on in your congregation that might be impacting donations this Fiscal Year and perhaps the next. Of course, we’ll have a sympathetic ear. And, we’ll try to help you find solutions.

In conclusion, let me say once again that your UUA and your District leaders thank you for your generosity.

Neil Lichtman

Your CMwD APF Chair