2007-8directory.jpgIn another step towards taking our district virtual we are eliminating the paper directory. Those of you who have been following us in our adventure of creating a virtual office know that with each virtual step we take, our goal is to reduce cost, to provide better service, and to provide new kinds of service not possible in a conventional office. We also want to create a community of learning with the many congregations who are working on this also. In the past two years we have been developing an online directory. This is better than the paper directory in that it is more up-to-date and it is available from any computer that has an internet connection.

Those who want a paper copy can print one (I, by the way am one of those still tied to paper—I like one for my car). If there are those who want a paper copy and don’t have the capacity to print one, contact our office. We will assist you. Counting labor, printing and mailing, this should save us—save you—$2,500.