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microphone.jpgOne question we get about our increasing use of audio and video-recordings on the district website is this:

“What about us? We don’t have access to highspeed internet and so cannot make use of these.”

First and most basic answer to this is that any time any congregation wants resources on any subject, they should ask us.  Any time we do video or audio of an event, there are generally also written materials.  Or we can burn a CD and send it to you. Just ask.

Also, your questions about these things help us.  We are always pondering the question of what to provide and in what format. The most helpful source of guidance on this is your questions and requests.

Until recently the format we most used was the face-to-face presentation available only to those who traveled to hear it.  Last month we made a trip to the congregations of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we did a variety of things including presentations on strategic planning, stewardship, the district, and congregational polity. We recently put audio and video of portions of this on our website. True, these are only easily accessible access for people with a good internet connection. Had we not made these recordings, the material would only have been easily accessible to people on the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan (which is very beautiful in February!).

And finally there is this. Good leadership, especially in hard economic conditions, requires being honest about limitations and also training us to hear the pressure that may be on us as an invitation to do new things and to do old things in new ways. Frequently, early attempts at new things have all the grace and musicality of a middle school holiday concert. That is what the front end of a learning curve looks like.

Always, if there is something you want, just ask. We love talking with people and what we hear is our best guidance about what to do next.