ian-ghostranch08.jpgOne frequent question from congregations concerns use of consultants—whether from the district, from the Association, Alban or elsewhere.  Often the question we get is who would be good for something—planning, conflict, finances, or leading a board retreat.

A question that congregations often ask but should more often is how to use a consultant well.  In fact, with any resource the choice of how the resource is used is often as important as the choice of resource.

On the website of the Indianapolis Center for Congregation there is a great series of free resources about using resources. 

In particular, any time a congregation asks about using a consultant whether from the district or anywhere else I send them this link.

Sad fact is that frequently congregations pay a lot to work with a consultant and they don’t feel they get much out of it.  Happy fact is that congregations really can do a lot about making sure a consultant does really help.  I have seen congregations get a lot out of work even with some less than brilliant consultants when the congregation prepares well, uses the engagement as the occasion to tackle stuff they need to tackle, and then follows up.