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Cooperation within our Midwestern region (Heartland, Central Midwest and Prairie Star Districts) continues to develop with our now monthly online educational events and with the addition of our youth leadership school. Internally, on our district staffs we are working on strengthening our cooperative structure to support and growth this work.

This has included, particularly, more differentiation of roles on our district staffs in such matter as finance, IT, and publicity. It will include a new role of lead staff person for the region, a position in which I will have the honor to serve on an interim basis. We hope that over time strengthening our structure for cooperative work will make some of the business and technical sides of our work less energy consuming thus allowing us to turn more of our energy outward to work with congregations.

Our plan and hope is that these developments be seamless for congregations. The new role of lead regional person is also connected to changes at the national level of our association. For more information about that see: http://www.uuworld.org/news/articles/150302.shtml