Bev Feldt, President of UU Community Church in Park Forest, IL, recently said that it would really help her congregation to have a list of simple definitions of the technical jargon related to search and settlement: consulting minister, settled minister, interim minister, and so forth. I had thought that the UUA settlement handbook had such a listing. I checked and it did not. I then phoned John Weston who I figured surely had written such a thing. But no, he had not and did not know of one. So, I wrote something quickly and to serve until something better and more official appears. I upload it here.

Many people have suggested additions and changes to this glossary. Thanks for these. Right at the moment this is all I have time to do. One fun idea a number of folks have suggested is that we make this listing into the core of a Wiki to help people with even more of the inside language of UUism. Gretchen, our web guru, assures me that this is possible. Perhaps in the future.

One thing I want to use this blog for is as a temporary home for material we produce that eventually will find a way to other parts of the website. Let us know what you think.

Search and Settlement Glossary