cmwd-banner.jpgNearly three weeks after our Central Midwest District Assembly in Waukesha, WI, I still find myself on a high. Getting the bills has brought me down a bit, yet even that is pretty good. News from Dori and Peggy who track this for us, is that we are projected to break even and meeting our goal of making our major events financially self-supporting.

There were a lot of things to be excited about in this gathering—great worship, amazing music, a keynote presenter who really touched the topics on most people’s minds, great workshops, great UUA presidential candidates’ forum, and two days of very intense and productive networking.  What made me feel best, however, and makes me feel good again every time I think of it, was something that may not have been visible to most of those present:  the first full test of our commitment to make our major district events virtually accessible. We are, I believe, the first district to make the major content of an annual assembly available free and online (Ohio Meadville may wish to contest this claim). Indeed, I believe that we are the first such body in any denomination to accomplish this.

What felt best about watching it happen was that after all the effort, it became clear half way through the event that we have started something that is going to be a permanent shift in how we make such things available on the website. From now on, in this district at least, it is pretty clear that recording and making freely available major portions of content is going to be a standard part of what we do with worship, workshops, or even the bookstore.

To read more, please visit the District's blog, where there is more information as well as a history of how we decided and carried through our goal of a Virtual DA.

So tell us: What do you think? Answering these questions ought to be enough to keep our tech team busy for the next year.