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November 2006

APF — Annual Program Fund
AR/AO/MC — Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppressive/Multicultural
ARE — Allies for Racial Equity
ARE — Adult Religious Education
AYS — About Your Sexuality
BCD — Ballou Channing District
BCM — Big Complex Meeting (all UUA staff)
BOR — Board of Review
BOT — Board of Trustees
CAUUC — Chicago Area UU Council
CBD — Clara Barton District
CPBC — Compensation, Pensions and Benefits Committee
CERR — Conflict Engagement Right Relations
CGDC — Congregational Growth and Development Council
CIAC — Central Illinois Area Council
CLF — Church of the Larger Fellowship
CMwD — Central Midwest District
COA — Commission on Appraisal
COC — Committee on Committees
CPLC — Congregational Properties and Loan Commission
CSD — Congregational Services Director
CSW — Commission on Social Witness
CUC — Canadian Unitarian Council
CUUPS — Covenant of UU Pagans
CU2C2 — Council of UU Camps and Conferences
C-UUYAN — Continental UU Young Adult Network
CYF — Church of the Younger Fellowship
DA — District Assembly
DFDG — Director of Faith Development and Growth
DOM — District Office Manager
DPA — District President’s Association
DRE — Director of Religious Education
DRUUMM — Diverse Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries
DYSC — District Youth Steering Committee
FIA — Faith in Action
FL — Florida District
FTP — Fulfilling the Promise
GA — General Assembly
GISC — Growth Initiative Steering Committee
G&S — Growth and Support
GLBT — Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered
HTLD — Heartland District
ICUU — International Council of Unitarians and Universalists
IARF — International Association of Religious Freedom
IALRW—International Association of Liberal Religious Women
ICUUW—International Convocation of U*U Women
JPD — Joseph Priestly District
JTW — Journey Toward Wholeness
JTWTC — Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Committee
LREDA — Liberal Religious Educators Association
LUUNA — Latino UU Networking Association
MBD — Mass Bay District
MDD — Mountain Desert District
MFC — Ministerial Fellowship Committee
MNYD — Metro New York District
MOD Squad — Ministerial Opportunities Development
MRE — Minister of Religious Education
MSD — Mid-South District
MSR — Ministerial Settlement Representative
MRSCC — Midwest Regional Sub-Committee on Candidacy
MUUC — Midwest UU Conference
MUUF — Midwest UU Foundation
NCAC — North Central Area Council
NED — North East District
NHVTD — New Hampshire Vermont District
OBGLTC — Office of Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Concerns
OMD — Ohio Meadville District
OWL — Our Whole Lives
PCC — Partner Church Council
PCD — Pacific Central District
PG — Policy Governance
PNWD — Pacific Northwest District
PM — Parish Minister
PSD — Prairie Star District
PSWD — Pacific Southwest District
RE — Religious Education
REACH — Religious Education Action Clearing House
REGC — Religious Education and Growth Consultant
RSCC — Regional Subcommittee on Candidacy
SEWUUC — South East Wisconsin UU Council
SLAUUC — St. Louis Area UU Council
STLD — St. Lawrence District
SWUUC — South West UU Conference (District)
SWUUW — South West UU Women
TJD — Thomas Jefferson District

U*U — Unitarian-Universalist (inclusive)
UUA — Unitarian Universalist Association
UUMA — Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association
UUMN — Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network
UUSC — Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
UU-UNO — Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office
UUWF — Unitarian Univesalist Women's Federation
UUWR— Unitarian Universalist Women and Religion
WCRP — World Conference on Religion and Peace
WOA — Washington Office for Advocacy
W & R — Women and Religion
YAC — Youth/Adult Committee
YASC — Young Adults Steering Committee
YATF — Youth/Adult Task Force
YA-YA — Youth and Young Adult (Consultant)
YRUU — Young Religious Unitarian Universalist