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  • 15% more members, 5% / year
  • 2 new congregations (not fellowships) and move forming groups to official congregation status
  • Focus on congregations w/potential for growth, and help them strengthen their mission/vision/planning work
  • 20 congregations w/YA or CM groups, with YAs well-integrated into cong.

Existing district groups to be involved:
G & S, GISC, CL, YAPS, W & R, UUMA, LREDA, UUMN, Consultants, DYSC

Steps to take/resources to use:

  • Study KC results, explore advertising
  • Demographic studies
  • Congregations sharing stories & resources
  • Encourage/seek out family resources, activities, support
  • Use anti-oppression lens
  • Faith Development resources, support -- get Judith Frediani's AA02 keynote address
  • Covenant groups
  • Use transition interviews & startups for raising awareness about growth


  • LD supported in congregational budget lines (20)
  • Continuing Education on generations, needs, worship
  • Expanded consultant program, emphasizing stewardship, mission/vision, planning
  • Cluster area leadership groups & meetings

Existing district groups to be involved:
LDC, REC, Nominating Committee, CERR, W & R, Consultants, UUMA, LREDA, MWLS, UUMN,YAPS, DYSC, District Assembly planning committee

Steps to take/resources to use:

  • Assess actual diversity -- age, families, generations, class
  • District Annual Assembly
  • Cluster LD work
  • Communications, sharing resources, models
  • Weekend LD modules

New ideas to explore/create:

  • Connections for joint work with Meadville/Lombard & UUMA
  • Congregational President's Council & Cluster Leadership meetings, including youth & YAs
  • LD e-group -- 1) resource, 2) discuss & reflect, 3) next steps / using Interconnections website


  • More congregations knowing each other, and connected; sharing mission/vision & planning strategies
  • Messenger to everyone in CMwD twice a year
  • More contributors to Messenger
  • Pairs and triads of congregations working together, especially in social justice, leadership development and family ministries

Existing groups to be involved:
ALL committees, congregation's denominational affairs & newsletter editors, District Assembly planning committee,

Steps to take:

  • Denominational affairs -- assess needs, interest, what information?, clarify roles
  • Consider history of region -- Western Unitarian Conference
  • District Assembly Workshops


  • CMwD Social Justice Task Group
  • Communications Task Group
  • District e-groups and listservs